July 27, 2005

One and A Half Skein Wonder

You know, there is something to be said for a project that can be completed, start to finish, in...oh...a minute:

Ninety-two degrees out, baby, and I'm wearing cashmere.

I confess that I made the One Skein Wonder much against my better judgment. The pattern itself was delightful: ingenious and well-written. The yarn. Well, my only question with regard to Lion Cashmere Blend is "how many colors does it come in?". Because, this is some seriously delectable yarn-age. It knits up softly and beautifully and likely will be priced for the Michael's market. Sign me up.

Its just the age-old question: will this conservative dresser really wear a cutesy tiny shrug? I will keep you posted.

Do you want to see the back? Of course you do.

Project Details:

Pattern: The One Skein Wonder by the incomparable Glampyre Knits.
Yarn: One and a half skeins of Lion Cashmere Blend.
Needles: Addi Turbo Circulars, US size 10 and 7.
Mods: None. Can you believe it?

July 25, 2005

The Good, Bad and Ugly

Well, there was a knittin' and spinnin' party at my house. There are no pictures because apparently I can't take decent pictures after margaritas. Who knew?

So imagine, if you will, an assortment of spinners and knitters, yakking and yuckking it up. Imagine so much delicious food that the miles of countertop in my kitchen were insufficent to hold it all.* Imagine the constant whir of the blender wherein two enormous bottles of tequila disappeared.

If all that is too much imagination for you on a Monday morning, go see Laurie and Lauren and Sandy. They'll hook you up with the pictoral evidence.

So, seeing old friends and meeting new ones was the highlight of the weekend. You guys are the best!

The lowlight of the weekend, the "bad" and "ugly" referred to above, happened only after the last gaggle of guests left late, late on Saturday night. Innocently and anticipating no bloodshed, I descended to the lair to check my email. Here is what I see on a BLUE SCREEN:

"We apologize for the inconvenience, but Windows did not start successfully."

Um, excuse me. But INCONVENIENCE??? I do not think not being able to boot up Windows, when one hasn't backed up one's work computer in [number deleted to protect the lame] months is an INCONVENIENCE. Inconvenience or incomprehensibly huge disaster? Personally, I chose the latter.

What does this have to do with a knitting blog, you wonder? Well here is what I recommend knitting while watching surgery being performed on one's hard drive:

The beginnings of the One Skein Wonder in Lion Cashmere Blend.

The One Skein Wonder is my choice for calming knitting which will keep your hands busy and prevent the tearing out of hair. Thus far, the pattern is clever and easy. And the new Lion Brand Cashmere Blend is delicious to knit. Soft and sproingy, it has been very well-behaved and hasn't split, knotted or been anything but a perfect lady. Due to my oddly different tensions between my knit and purl stitches, I am knitting on US size 9 needles, and purling on US size 7 needles.

As for the hard drive, the patient lived. The nice folks at Rescuecom sent Jon to my place on a Sunday afternoon (!) to, well, rescue my data and my hard drive and I'm very grateful.

So, as a public service. I ask. When did YOU last back up your files??

*None of it prepared by me. I'm an experienced potluck-party-giver. /insert evil cackling here /