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Lakes and Pools Rule


How gorgeous!

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Even if there was work involved.

Doing well here, thanks. Getting ready for the Tour de Fleece and trying to remember how to knit socks for the Summer of Socks.


Good to see a post from you, Claudia. While I applaud your other interests, I miss your knitting. Great view though - nothing beats Mother Nature.

Glad to hear it! This aquarian is jealous of all that water.

Looks like a lovely spot.

kayaking is super fun, I agree! :)

Glad to see a post from you. My spousal unit comes from Tupper Lake, which isn't far from Lake Placid. You're right - the ADKs are just beautiful. Glad you were able to enjoy the area.

we bought kayaks for the cottage last year, and I'm kicking myself we didn't do it sooner! It's the best way to see a lake.

Nice picture! Have always wanted to go there -- I suspect that with the girl playing hockey, I'll get there, although the pool will be closed and I suspect it will not be so sunny!

Nice to hear from you! Your trip sounds lovely.

So great to hear from you and know that all is well. I worried just a wee bit, but that's my nature. You are one active and busy lady! Good for you. You can spend more time knitting when you're in your 60's and 70's perhaps! :) Right now, go for the GUSTO!

So nice to see you are well and enjoying your summer. Kayaking is one of my favorite water sports!

Gusto is right. Sometimes knitting = rusting, and this is not the time to do that. Saw kayaks at LLBean, and they looked like fun.

Even if there is no knitting content, it is always nice to see a blog post from you. The pool and the lake look LOVELY!

Glad to hear that you're OK and enjoying the summer!

Good to hear from you! Missed hearing about your adventures. Can't wait to explore that area myself sometime soon. Glad you had such a wonderful time.

Lovely to read you again!

Nice to see a new post! I, too, paddled a kayak for the first time on Saturday, down a portion of the Winnebago River in North Iowa. It was wonderful...and yes, we plan to do it again. Miss seeing your knitting adventures, but that will come again I'm sure. Meanwhile...off to knit on the second sock. Have a great summer.