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Lovin' My Holiday


YUM! But how did the 5K go?

Sounds wonderful! You definitely earned that treat!

Monday was great weather for the parade, in Concord, if you bundled up....and Saturday was Battle Road, and I FROZE! Despite many layers of wool....but I was sitting in the house, where they doors were open, so visitors could come in and see the quilting and food demos.....

I figured you'd have a post for your favorite holiday :) yuummmmmmmm belgian waffle

Good for you!

We are having snow. As in woke up to 2 inches on Saturday. That melted, but it's been snowing more or less nonstop since yesterday. Argh...

Oh that looks amazing! I'm glad it compared favorably to the original.

Oh my! That looks like heaven in a dish!

Wow, it's probably a good thing I no longer work around the corner from there ;) I worked the marathon and it was great!! I kept an eye out for my favorite knitting lawyer on tandem and didn't see you, but I looked!

Homemade Nutella?? Homemade? Just shoot me now......


I wish you hadn't found this. It is better if I limit my Belgian indulgences to actual trips to Belgium.

Wow, I live about 5 minuets from there, thank you for sharing! Of course, I may take that thank you back once I gain 20 pounds....

Yeah, I really don't need to know where those people sell their crack. Congrats on the 5K!

hi :-)

I will be in Belgium in two weeks! Whoot! Thanks for getting me pumped, can't wait to eat there!