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Winter Autumn Rose

Technically, I know its still autumn. But this Autumn Rose looks to me like she's showing off in winter.


A view of the back:


Overall, the sweater fits well. Due to my lack of back and shoulder-age, there is a tad more ease to the rear than I really need. But that is a minor quibble. For a detail of the neckband and shoulder, click here.

Project Details:

Pattern and Yarn: Autumn Rose by Eunny Jang, Simply Shetland 4 book and Jamieson's Spindrift kit purchased at Two Swans Yarns. I bought the yarn designated for the smallest size, and probably due to my serial sleeve swatching failures -- which I did not rip out -- I ran out of Old Gold and Sunrise, the two main colors. Luckily Two Swans still had the same dye lots and speedily sent me one extra ball of each. I've heard tell of other folks running out of these two colors, so a knitter might be well advised to buy extra upfront.

Needles: Clover Bamboo DPNs and Crystal Palace Bamboo 24 inch circular needles in US size 3. For the neckband, I used Addi Turbo 16 inch circulars in US sizes 2, 1, and 0 in that order.

I thought that there was a HUGE difference in gauge between metal needles and bamboo needles in this project. With the Addi needles, my gauge was enormously loose, in my view because the needles were too slippery for me to exert a proper pull when executing the fair isle colorwork two-handed technique. I got a nice tight gauge with the bamboo needles because the "sticky" yarn grabbed onto those suckers and made yanking on the yarn while knitting it easily possible.

Mods: Almost none. I trusted Eunny's design and knit as writ. The only thing I consciously changed was to knit the sleeve cuffs an extra half inch to deal with my compressed row gauge and thus to avoid a too-short sleeve. However, I say "consciously changed" because I inadvertently DID mod this sweater in a critical way.

My row gauge, instead of the called for 32 rows to 4 inches (8 rows per inch), was 36 rows to 4 inches (9 rows per inch). Now, ordinarily an extra row per inch wouldn't be a big deal. But this design is an all-over chart, so absent big-time mods you have to knit every row as given. Given that the raglan depth on my sweater is 7 inches, and I lost a row per inch (7 total rows), my raglan depth was almost an inch shorter than the design specs. Now, this COULD have resulted in a tight armhole and higher neckline. But it didn't -- its perfect. This evidence, together with the experiences of Cate and Deb suggest to me that the raglan and neckline might be a little long as written.

If you make this sweater, watch your row gauge carefully. Consider hiking up the neckline at least one inch to keep the original design proportion and perhaps more if you are modest or, unlike me, have significant boobage (the neckline is quite a plunger).

Verdict: I had lots of fun knitting this project and I've renewed my love of colorwork. I'm looking forward to see what other fabulous patterns this designer produces in the future.

Am I jumping for joy that this project is done?




My gosh Claudia - that is absolutely beautiful.

It is fab!


Wow! And I can't believe how perfect the colorway is for you! I'm poking around to see if people are doing it in different colors. I love Eunny's patterns but the colors she selects are not generally good ones for me. Thanks for all the pics!

I love it. LOVE it. Want it. (don't want to knit it, however. and don't worry, yours is safe, as I'd surely need a bigger size for boob room)

It's gorgeous!

That is one spectacularly gorgeous sweater.

It's fabulous and it's perfect for you!

Absolutely freakin' gorgeous! I'm dying to knit one for myself. I put it on my Christmas list! Nicely done, Claudia.

It's so, so beautiful. It looks great on you! Congrats on finishing!

Wow. That really came out stunning, it looks amazing on you!

It's a stunner! Woo!

Holy cow! You are my knitting hero! Someday I will conquer my fear of fair isle knitting. In the meantime I will just gawk at your beautiful handiwork. :)

It is really lovely and looks great on you! Congrats for a job well done!


Wowza. It's stunning - the fit and the colors really suit you. What a fantastic sweater!

ooo la la, what a fabulous knit.

aw. that last one is just too cute. is that the remote you're holding? :)

looks great. and i still say that it was FAST for what it was. ;)

that's not just knitting - that's art! It looks fabulous.

Very, very excellent!

Autumn Rose came out beautiful! Those colors are perfect for you, too.

yay! beautiful sweater and snow!

So beautiful!

Claudia, dahlink! It is absolutely stunning!

Oh the last picture is wonderful! Go fancy tripod, go!

You look gorgeous in those colors!


At last, we are satisfied. It's beautiful, and I do love the action shot.

That is utterly gorgeous. I've been waiting to see the final result! And it makes you look lovely.

Congrats on a job well done!

Stunningly beautiful and inspiring!! I must learn to knit colour work now. You're my fav blog and posts like this one are why. :)

Too gorgeous! You win!


Spectacular! Beautiful job, it's gorgeous on you! Perfect colors too!

Wow!!! I'm totally inspired and will definitely have to make my own!

It is a beautiful sweater, but you make it glow. Thank you for sharing so much of its production.

It is fabulous! It almost makes me want one. And who is your photographer? :)



(This is me trying not to be jealous that yours fits so wonderfully while mine, er, still doesn't.)

Beautiful! I like the fit of yours much better. I put the final specs on mine up today too.

Aren't you a cutie! Thanks for going out into the winter cold to model this for us.

This is the most gorgeous sweater I've seen in a long long time. Way to go!

Absolutely beautiful sweater! Great work!

Woweee! Looks great.

So lovely and the colors are perfect for you.

Wow that is one great looking sweater, it looks so awesome with your hair color.

Completely fabulous! Nice sweater, too. ;^)

Wow!! Absolutely gorgeous. The sweater positively glows!

Just gorgeous! Congrats! Perfect colors for you too!

Spectacular! The colors & pattern look incredible on you, too.

That is just gorgeous.


It is beautiful. And it looks FAN-F-ing-tastic on you. You better wear it missy...

Perfect color in the sweater for your coloring. Looks great on you, as well.

Outstanding!! Just beautiful.


Beautiful, Claudia. I love the colors and the fit is perfect!

Claudia, it looks amazing! I am in awe of your stranding skills, especially in such a fine gauge. It really is stunning. I've been a bit behind on blogs lately, but I've been admiring your progress, and just had to chime in to say WOW! You earned that jump of joy :)

Just beeyootiful! After holiday knitting is done, it's scissors for me--I'm going to fix mine up until it's ready to wear--you're inspiring me!

Gorgeous!! Wear it and enjoy it! A work of fine art!

Claudia, it looks beautiful!

you look so beautiful in that sweater! it's just ridiculous.

totally gorgeous! you did a bang-up job for sure :)

It is indeed a very pretty sweater and I shall "try it on" next time I come to visit...stealthy like ninja I am.

A fantastic piece of knitwear !
It looks amazing on you. The colours suit you perfectly, and the shape show off your slender figure. It's gorgeous.
I really love that last photo of you. The best I've seen. You look happy, relaxed and so alive !
Fab !

It's gorgeous. It's perfect with your coloring.

Autumn Rose looks great on you! Wonderful photos, too.

The sweater is simply breathtaking. And not just because the idea of colorwork terrifies me. Wear it with pride, it looks perfect.

Dude. Totally awesome. Colors are great on you. I'd be jumping, too.

Faboo! And the colors look just great on you. Or you look just great in those colors - whichever!

Absolutely beautiful--and it looks great on you!

Absolutely lovely -- both the sweater and how it looks on you!

Lovely! I have waited to see this so long! Very beautiful!

Wow! Stunning!! You look fabulous in it.

hip hip hooorrrraaaayyy!!
You look fabulous in it!! and it is so beautiful.
I hope that the long sleeved shirt helps the itch factor, and you are able to wear it alot (since it looks wonderful on you)

That is ONE AWESOME sweater!!!!!! Great job!

Fantastico! I love the tip about the Fair Isle with bamboo vs Turbo Addis. It makes so much sense!

So gorgeous! Oh my goodness. What a beautiful sweater, Claudia. You did an amazing job.

gorgeous! well done!!

It looks great. Congratulations on a job well done!

Wow, it's gorgeous! Now I want to make it too!

Oh, wow, it looks fabulous!!!! Makes me want to grab mine and keep on knitting.

Speechless over here. You -- and it -- look fantastic!

Yea! You did such wonderful work on this sweater, and documenting it for us all to enjoy. A job well done.

I knit but I've never tried colourwork (probably due to being a thrower), but I've looked up this pattern and the wool as it's one of the most beautiful colourwork garments I've seen. The prospect of tackling it is scary but exciting: thank you for documenting the journey and outcome!

lovely claudia you sweater is nice est you look great.
i'v seen the snow in your country wouahhhh i love it!

It looks incredible on you! Wow!

Beautiful. Autumn Rose, the snow, you, everything. I predict you've just created a flurry of sales for this kit.

wow, it's beautiful. and look great on you.

oooh--well done! It's beautiful...

The stripes hit you exactly in the right places. Brava, Claudia!


...and it looks stunning on you!

That sweater is sooooo gorgeous! Amazing colorwork! I love the pic of you jumping!

Goodness me, that's a pretty thing. Sweater's not bad either ;).

Fantastic! So inspiring and thanks for the notes. It's cold here in Boston now (where you are too?) so luckily you have the instant gratification of being able to show it off asap!

Gosh that's stunning. It definitely has the deepest neckline I've seen in some time, so I think I would be a little wary knitting it up. Do you think it would handle doing a deeper ribbing on the neckline (to provide a tiny amount more coverage)?

I think out of all the wonderful, beautiful, extremely difficult, time consuming projects you've accomplished, that this one is my favorite.

It looks spectacular on you.

It is wonderful.

Great Job! The colors look perfect on you. Enjoy :)

What a beautiful sweater! I have not yet tried colorwork, and while I believe I'll start with a hat or mits, watching you create this masterpiece has been *very* inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

You and the sweater are drop-dead gorgeous.

I'd love to knit that sweater, but I look awful in autumn colours. I'd have to (gasp) change the colour scheme...

And I'm not really sure how to do that without screwing it up. But there has to be a way. Because I wants it.

It IS the perfect colors for you!!! Nice work, lady!! (as usual)

Not only is it totally gorgeous, but it also looks comfortable and wearable. Well done!

The fit, style and colors look great on you - gorgeous work!

White girls CAN jump.

Love that sweater. I am not up to the challenge -- I know this about myself. Will you knit me one? *running away now*

beautiful job Claudia, it looks so nice on you! I bought a blue colorway for this and you've inspired me to get crackin already!

Beautiful, beautiful jumper!
Such an amazing piece of work and such gorgeous colours.

That is the most beautiful sweater I've seen on any knitblog, ever. You look fabulous in it and you did an excellent job! AWE-some.

Autumn Rose is lovely and what a great job you did!

Another great job: a healthy Sugar Ray. I've been following his progress since your heads up - thanks!

Stunning! Gorgeous! I can't stop drooling.

Design, execution, JoyFul Wonder!

Ye are the fairest of ye Fair Isle!

What a gorgeous sweater. You really did a great job!

What beautiful work! It looks fabulous on you!! I feel the need to start something colorwork very, very soon.

It's beautiful and looks wonderful on you!!

An absolutely gorgeous sweater! And it looks great on you!

Freakin' awesome.

Hi Claudia!

AMAZING colors, knitting and it looks fantastic on you!! Eunny Jang's patterns are awesome! Thanks for the inspiration, Claudia!

Happy Holidays!

Perfect in every way! Brava!

I've wanted to knit this since I saw Eunny first do it, and yours looks AMAZING! Congratulations!

Wow, really lovely. You look marvelous in it.

Stunning, absolutely stunning. I need to make one.

Beautiful! And this is the first project that's inspired you to jump for joy, so you must really be pleased.

Late to the party to say this but Oh Claudia, that is beau-tee-ful!!

That is soooo gorgeous. Now I want one, and I didn't want one yesterday. Great.

oh now, THAT's a good-looking sweater claudia, and admirably well done!

Your autumn rose is fantastic and the shade are wonderful for you.

That is BY FAR, the most gorgeous thing you've knit! IMHO, of course. ;-)


Just. Beautiful.

You make colourwork look easy...but, I know better.

Just... WOW. Wow. Congratulations!

Your autumn rose is gorgeous, and you look beautiful in it!

Oh my goodness, it looks AMAZING! Not only gorgeous, but totally wearable, yes?? Nice work.

That is a totally awesome sweater!!!! Beautiful job on the colorwork. I so want to knit a sweater like that but don't have the time right now. Soon I hope. BTW, I'm the other Claudia who is an attorney - but from the West Coast.

It is indeed lovely. Nice work!

That is stupendously beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous - the colors are perfect, the knitting is impeccable. Wow.

Claudia, that looks so gorgeous on you! It's like Eunny designed it with your coloring in mind. You MUST wear it lots!

When I first saw the pic of you in this I thought "damn, that's some beautiful knitting." Your work combined with Eunny's beautiful design are simply breathtaking.

This looks simply amazing, Claudia! And happy belated birthday to you, and Merry Christmas too!

I *knew* it would be fabulous on you! And I think the extra smidgen of ease is a good thing. (Who wants to wear a Fair Isle straitjacket?) Yours looks like a body-conscious but non-constricting fit, and this can only be a good thing. Congrats on a beautiful FO!

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