Monday, March 21, 2005

Its a Housewarming!
Welcome to the new blog! Granted, much like the old blog but you never know what spiffy re-decorating the future might bring. The wise Theresa suggested that switching too much stuff around when my bandwidth is up against a wall and I am busy hightailing it out of Dodge might not be the smartest move.

First, for all my Bloglines friends if your experience is anything like mine, you'll be able to subscribe to my new RSS feed but you won't see when I've updated. June recently had similar woes when she switched to her spiffy new digs. I'm hoping to solve this soon, but please randomly stop by anyway just in case Bloglines stays wonky for awhile.

Fellow pink elephant riders* Blue Blog Alison and Crazydaisy Kerstin have already gotten out the scoop on this weekend's wild fiber adventures.

Here is more.

First the luscious orange Rowan Kidsilk Haze.

Don't those glowingly orange balls look just good enough to eat? I bought them at Colorful Stitches because I was having a serious Rowan jones. Alright. And because of the color. I know this shocks you.

As tempted as I am by the beauty of the camisole on the cover of the new Rowan 37, I've got no use for a see-through lacy top. I am considering either a giant Flower Basket Shawl or perhaps the lovely Kiri Shawl. An orange shawl! What's not to like?

More pictures? Did I hear someone say, "more pictures"? Apparently I'm a show-off about all my new BANDWIDTH. Yeah!

Doesn't Leigh look happy at Colorful Stitches??

What are the bloggers doing OUTSIDE the store?

And last, Alison took a picture of everybody in the van o'love except, of course, herself.

Knit on, and check back soon.

*Alright, alright. This involves the problem solving skills necessary to seat eight people in a van with seven seats. A pink elephant is actually surprisingly comfortable.